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The Search for a Space 1
Fragments from the Studio
Biaggio Steps Examination Centra, Valletta, Malta


Rupert Ackroyd, George Mario Attard, Ruth Bianco, Vince Briffa, Austin Camilleri, Dustin Cauchi, Peter Maltz, Mark Mangion, Pierre Portelli, Jaume Sabater I Garua, Martina Schmuecker James Swainson, Michael Whittle, Raphael Vella, Brindalyn Webster

Fragments from the studio will investigate the bits and pieces that lead to the finished work. An analysis of what drawing is and the challenges of private versus public display will be questioned.  It will deal with the process of gathering information and attempt to present it in an open and informal way. It will analyze process and immediacy rather than finished ideas, objects and images. This show will put a crucial emphasis on the idea of Drawing as a way of mapping out and understanding ideas, objects and images relating to a part of the artist’s process, which is intimate, scientific and vulnerable. The space will function without borders and restrictions within the framework of the group, thus blurring the edges of ownership and creation. Individual fragments will continue to retain independence, however a chain structure resembling a lab of ideas and exchange will be sought. The idea of resolve and ending will be questioned.
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